Techaffinity Consulting solves complex tech problems, offering scalable and skilled resources at a valued price point. We deliver releases faster by following Agile methodologies and delivering innovative enterprise software solutions. enterprise-level, and mid-size companies as their full-cycle software development partner. From architecture design to implementation, launch, and ongoing support, we have the dedicated resources to produce successful business results.

We work with enterprise-level, and mid-size companies as their full-cycle software development partner.

Over the years, we have been able to blend our knowledge and skill along with our proactive approach to continuous learning to deliver world-class mobile application services to businesses across various industry segments.

Whether you wish to develop a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows App, we are the only “go to” mobile app development companies in India to consider. Where other companies struggle, we thrive!

A cross-platform application is a great way to reach your audience on any screen. Web, Mobile, Android, iOS… you name it we deliver it!

Usually, the release of a project is just a beginning of a long path of its continuous development. Our DevOps team takes care of your product, using best practices, providing rapid reaction time and constant support to secure its bug-free performance. We also take care of further development of your product and adjust it to the constantly changing environment to secure your pole-position on the market.

Our broad experience serves not only in executing software development, but also in consulting of the various aspects of the IT industry. We can help you by analyzing your project deeply, drafting its architecture and suggesting the best solutions and stack. Each project is different, but our experience will save you time and money.

Cloud services drive your business’s efficiency, but what drives your cloud services? Let us help you prepare for the future with secure migration to the cloud, cloud automation, and own your cloud services. We are invested in the future of your cloud service needs. Cloud Migration, Cloud Application Development, Devops & Hybrid cloud development – we cater to all your needs!

By partnering with us to incorporate analytics (introductory to advanced) into different parts of the organization, our clients get maximum effectiveness of resource utilization, transparency, innovative business models, and data monetization. We offer Analytics Consulting, Solutions & Outsourcing. Our data scientists gather raw data from internal and external sources to find and search for unexpected and valuable events, patterns, and insights. We design secure, scalable, and affordable solutions across a wide array of tools and technologies to support current and future Business Intelligence (BI) needs.

If your team lacks a developer, or if you suddenly lost a crucial software engineer or simply want to extend your team’s capacities, We can work with you to fill those needs, both short term and long term if needed. We support external development teams with body leasing of our developers, also supporting on-site work with your team.

For most companies, success in technology is integral to achieving overall business success.  A key component to technology success is ensuring you have the right people with the right experience and skill sets to get projects done, successfully, on time and within budget.

At TechAFFinity Consulting we bring decades of combined experience in successfully sourcing,
staffing and managing IT staffing for our clients.  Our network of IT resources provides us the ability to connect highly talented and committed IT staff to match our client needs. Our talent-management capabilities enable us to structure staffing resources that serve as an effective extension of your internal organization.

TechAFFinity Consulting provides an array of staffing solutions, customized to our clients’ needs.

Project team fulfillment; Long-term; Temporary; Transition to hire; Remote or on-site; Consulting