Clif Bradley

President & Co-Founder

Cliff possesses more than 25 years of technical project management experience. At TechAFFinity Consulting, he has served as the lead architect developing technical solutions for a client that processes more than one billion mailers a year. Prior to co-founding TechAFFinity Consulting, Cliff spent eight years at Verizon Data Services, where he developed several successful telephony software applications.

Cliff is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He is a Cum Laude graduate of the University of South Florida, holding a Bachelors in Finance and a Masters of Business Administration.

As CoFounder of Techaffinity Consulting, Richard brings over 25 years of IT leadership experience in Government, Manufacturing, Banking and Publishing industries. At TechAffinity Consulting, he serves as the business and relationship leader for key client engagements and manages our 24/7/365 client support operations structure.

Richard holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from Sacred Heart University, CT.


Richard Nolting

Vice President & Co-founder

Samuel Gunabalan

Director of IT Staffing
Sam brings successful experience in marketing, sales and recruitment in both the U.S. and India markets. At TechAFFinity, Sam directs efforts in Talent Acquisition, Client Relationship Management and Account Management. Sam holds a Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Human Resources and Marketing from Madurai Kamaraj University.

Sajeev has more than 23 years of IT leadership & techno-functional experience. Having worked for both large enterprises as well as small-to-medium businesses, Sajeev has his career span across multiple technical & managerial roles. Sajeev has been associated with TechAffinity Consulting since its inception and has served as one of the lead architects. Sajeev is currently a Senior Director at Techaffinity Consulting handling Offshore Operations and Pre-sales.
Sajeev holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology (Engineering) from the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India.


Sajeev Parameswaran

Senior Director


Managing Director

Jenitta has more than 21 years of extensive corporate experience spanning large Businesses to start-ups across different sectors like Software, Retail, Education, Real Estate and Infrastructure. She brings in extensive strategic and business management expertise to our company adding value to the organization and our clients. She is managing India accounts, funds, and all support functions such as HR, Accounts, Business Analysis, and Project Management, etc. Her commendable commitment to share the vision of the business to make it into one of the largest multinational companies is a tremendous asset to the company.

Vikrant is Ex-Captain – Indian Army, having more than 30 years of rich corporate experience in the field of Sales & Marketing and Business Management. He adds value to the business with his strong experience in Business Strategy, Business Planning, Product Marketing, Business consulting, etc. He has transformed many startups into successful and profitable large businesses with his exclusive and innovative marketing skills and business knowledge. He passionately shares the vision of making the organization into one of the largest multinational companies with ever-growing business and remarkable culture.


Vikrant Singh


Jesman Xavier


Jesman has more than 12 years of robust Software Development knowledge with extensive Cloud computing (AWS) knowledge and skill. He also adds value to the organization in terms of enhancing project development processes and systems, ensuring efficient infrastructure are in place and enabling effective project delivery, etc. He can embrace new tools and technologies with ease and seamlessly integrate skill sets into the lifecycle of project implementation